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Just as a potter moulds clay into beautiful objects, we at the JIS strive to mould the students into beautiful people. The school imparts education on the CBSE curriculum up to the VIII std. and thereafter in the high school we follow the curriculum as prescribed by the KSSEB. As per the rationale of the Trust, to imbibe spiritual values, we have spiritual classes and bhajan practices conducted by the sisters from the Bhavatarini Ashram.

"The very essence of education is concentration of the mind" so said Swami Vivekananda. The more this power of concentration, the more the knowledge acquired. With this in view, we have regular Yoga and meditation classes. The school has Karate classes for interested students. Saturdays are ear-marked for cultural and literary activities and competitions are held.

To build a sound mind, should we not have a sound body? We do encourage both indoor and outdoor sports activities. Mass P.T., drill, pyramid and other formations, etc. are all part of the sports activities. When we talk about a sound body, can health concerns be far behind? The students start the day, after the general assembly, with a glass of warm milk fortified with health formula like Chavanprash or Badam Pak. They end the day with candied amla and whole-grain biscuits.

To awaken the minds of young people, encourage them to face the turmoil of modern life, instill self-confidence and courage, inspire them to lead a life of morality, love for all living creatures, respect for all, patriotism, cherish Indian traditions and to be good citizens, -these are the goals of our teachers.

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